Icubed Challenge - Public

Icubed Challenge - Public

The I Cubed Challenge is a special, optional strand within the five basic categories of the I Cubed program. Each year the theme changes; for example, one year the theme may be “medical” inventions, and the next year the theme may be “sustainability” for planet-awareness inventions. Students may still enter ANY invention in ANY category; they do NOT have to follow the annual theme. However, if they do have an invention, which follows the I Cubed Challenge theme for that year, the student may choose to ALSO enter the on-line portion of the I Cubed program. Young inventors will simply have their teacher or parent register for the NATIONAL I Cubed Challenge by clicking the tab on the menu bar. Be sure to check the NEWS tab often for information about the new annual theme and deadlines for this special I Cubed Challenge. The Grand Champion will be selected from entries submitted nationwide. What an honor to be named the best young inventor in the USA!

I Cubed Challenge 2017 theme:  Transportation

Travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes? Cars powered by hydrogen fuel? Solar sails for space propulsion? Jet packs?  What innovations can you design to improve transportation of humans,animals, or cargo?  Do you have an idea to make crossing the street safer or cars more fuel efficient?  ANY invention involving the area of transportation—from walking to space travel—is eligible to enter. Change your world!

The I3 Challenge is optional.  Students may enter any of the five  I Cubed Inventions categories and be considered for the I3 Challenge IF their project fits into the 2017 “Transportation Inventions” theme in any manner. The I3 Challenge is a national competition.  Students enter on-line at The winner may be selected from any state.  Deadline to enter:  June 1, 2017.  Winners posted at


View and download the 2017 I Cubed Challenge poster at the bottom of this page.  View and download I Cubed Challenge Judging Criteria at bottom of this page.