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  • Alex Knoll, Invent Idaho and I Cubed Challenge winner, rocked it on the Ellen Show!  This young inventor has a heart of gold!
  • I Cubed Inventions, the nation’s premier student invention competition for children in grades 1-8, has announced that the first place winner of the 2015 I Cubed Challenge, Hannah Schow, was selected by Microsoft to receive a private tour of the Microsoft facility in Redmond, Washington.Hannah, a third grader, was selected to win first place for her invention entitled “The Deaf-Mic”, which will enable people who are hard-of-hearing to understand words more clearly, especially in noisy environments.Hannah knows first-hand about hearing loss because she was born without ears due to a genetic disorder called Treacher Collins disease. After numerous surgeries, Hannah is making tremendous progress and with a special headband now experiences only a 10% hearing loss. Her tour of Microsoft will occur just three days before her next surgery. “It is heart-warming to see Microsoft take such a personal interest in this creative little girl”, said Beth Brubaker, I Cubed co-founder and CEO.The I Cubed Challenge first place trophy was awarded to Hannah during her private tour of Microsoft. Brannon Zahand of Microsoft created an actual working prototype of Hannah's Deaf-Mic invention idea, plus Microsoft gave Hannah a brand new Dell computer fully loaded with Windows 10!I Cubed encourages students as young as first grade to think about how they can help others, as Hannah has done. Despite her own challenges and surgeries, Hannah is inventing ideas that will make life easier for others who are deaf. The 2016 I Cubed Challenge theme is “Environmental Inventions”.For more information about the I Cubed student invention program  
  • Young inventor Gus Hickman, an Invent Idaho State winner, appeared on NBC's Today Show on Friday, April 10.  Gus invented the Easy-For-Me Bike Helmet and was selected as a finalist in Shell's "Make the Future" contest for this outstanding entry.  Gus was flown to New York City to appear on the Today Show.  Congratulations, Gus!  Let Gus be your inspiration to keep on inventing!  View Gus on the Today Show by following this link:
  • Argumentative essay. Easy ways to write a conclusion

    After getting a homework assignment, the student can be worried about what kind of paper his or her work should look like. What to write in introduction and how to make a good conclusion also can be an issue, which we try to solve immediately. By the way, written in the end is much more important than introduction because we sum up everything there. The argumentative essay is not like other types of essay. A conclusion needs contain your opinion on the subject you are talking about. That is why it is necessary to be really precise. Here we gathered several tips, which will help you a good argumentative essay and write an appropriate conclusion. Let us have a look at them.

    What is most important in the conclusion

    Remember about your tone. It’s better to speak with authority just to persuade people you know subject well. The outline of the essay may give you a tip what you need to sum up as a result. You need to be brief talking about the results, but confident enough to make people think. It’s also acceptable to mention the main argument and even some facts, which would conclude. To ask a rhetorical question, in the end, might make your readers think more about the subject and make them more interested in in in the future.

    So-called ‘call to action’ has a big advantage in front of other types of sentences. Compare two of these: ‘If we don’t think, we will fail’ and ‘Thinking about the issue more, we still have an opportunity to improve it’. Do you see any differences? The first way of talking to readers is pretty aggressive. The second one is better. It allows people, again, to think and to make a decision by themselves. To get what you want you need to be precise, practical and polite. Having read a good conclusion, a reader will have something to think about.

    Several clues to write a good conclusion

    As it was already noticed, a conclusion must contain the most important information about the essay you have written. To make it more real and interesting, follow these rules:

    ·         Be confident. Self-confidence is very important to write a good conclusion because it usually shows you know the subject you are talking about well.

    ·         Be precise. Do not use very complicated structures. Your aim is to catch readers’ attention and the easiest way to do it is to give the most necessary information.

    ·         Be polite. Do not try to convince anybody to follow your opinion, just show all the advantages of your essay.

    ·         Concentrate on really important things on Gender Equality Essay. The conclusion is a part of essay, where all the most important information must be summed up. It is not necessary to make readers remember all everything.

    ·          Use one of the examples you already used. It will make people think about the issues you are talking about in your essay.

    ·         Express your opinion. You might do it straight, what is understandable.

    ·         Show your interest. To convince people to agree with you, you need to be interested in the subject as well. Only by using correct words and constructions you will make your text interesting and exciting.

    Writing a conclusion of the essay, follow these several tips to make it easier for you and for people, who will read your text. All the tips are easy but they can help you to do your best. As well as the whole paper, writing a conclusion is a very important part of the work since it consists of the results and your opinion you would like to share with others. Wish you good luck, a lot of new ideas and interesting issues to write about!